Amity University Tashkent

Located in the green district of Uzbekistan, Tashkent, the rich educational experience of Amity University in Tashkent is based on research, comprehensive development, international corporate experience and academic excellence.

Amity University in Tashkent offers career-oriented educational programs in various areas of higher education, including information technology, management, economics, and tourism, at the Foundation, bachelor’s and master’s levels.

University of Amity in Tashkent strives to educate the world class with commendable research and sootvetstvii so strategic vision of Uzbekistan. On osnovan na priverjennosti Amity Group issledovaniyam, thanks to which the company received the largest number of patents in India.

The educational program of Amiti, oriented to practical data and oriented to other countries, was developed with consideration of the region and talent, which opens the whole world of possibilities for students. Ego’s orientation towards other education has led to a sozdaniyu uchebnoy programmy, which is developed in close cooperation with industry.

Amity is also the largest grant program in India, with more than 25,000 grants. Granty za zaslugi and Amity Tashkent have been initiated for the development of talents of all students, thus strengthening the work of our future generations.
Another distinguishing feature of Amity is that it strives to create a modern high-tech educational environment with the use of resources and infrastructure that meets global standards and meets modern requirements.