MBA (Marketing/ HR)

Programme Duration

2 Years






  • Bachelor’s Degree in any discipline (aggregate 50%)
  • ENTRANCE EXAM – Written test and Interview
  • *IELTS 5 or higher (TOEFL 35-45, CEFR B1)Can be exempted if primary language of qualifying examination is English

Fees per semester


23,825,000 Uzbekistan sums




To provide modern and Futuristic education in the domain of Business Management; to carry
out research, impart knowledge and foster learning to develop the overall personality of
students by making them skilful management professionals and excellent human beings, with
understanding and regard for human values, pride in their heritage and culture, a sense of
right and wrong and yearning for perfection and imbibe attributes of courage of conviction
and action.

The two-year full-time master’s in business administration programme is to educate and
prepare students with the knowledge, analytical ability, and management perspectives and
skills needed to lead, to motivate and to manage diversified workforce, rapid technological
change and competitive marketplace while considering the principles of ethical, legal and
corporate governance fundamentals.

PEO 1:
Students will have conceptual and applied knowledge of management principles in a professional work setting.

PEO 2:
Students will be able to integrate the theoretical concepts and management
Perspective in their decision making.

PEO 3:
Students will be able to think independently, analyse business problems critically and
suggest effective and innovative solutions.

PEO 4:
The Programme cultivates in the students the values and attitudes that make them
agents of social change.

PEO 5:
Students will be able to manage real-life challenges in a competitive business

PEO 6:
Students will be able to communicate effectively to a wide range of stakeholders.

PEO 7:
Students will develop ability to work in teams and skills essential for managerial

PEO 8:
Students will be able to act and behave in an ethical and responsible manner.

PLO 1:
Student shall be able to critically apply, evaluate, manage, reflect on and integrate the
conceptual knowledge of management to practice in areas related to one’s specialization and
understand current developments in Management.

PLO 2:
Student shall be able to learn independently, set learning goals, engaging in the
learning process, identify appropriate resources required for a personal & professional

PLO 3:
Student shall be able to formulate research strategy and apply research skills
appropriate for decision making.

PLO 4:
Student shall be able to select and apply appropriate IT tools and Techniques to work
in digital era and to facilitate/support effective business decision making.

PLO: 5
Student shall be able to formulate and articulate ideas, think critically, identify,
evaluate, and synthesize information and use appropriate concepts and methods to solve
problems effectively and creatively.

PLO 6:
Students will be able to demonstrate effective communication skills that support and
enhance managerial effectiveness by communicating information accurately and clearly, both
verbally and written.

PLO 7:
Students will be able to demonstrate Creativity & Innovation and Reflective Thinking
skills by analyzing, creating, and presenting creative and innovative solutions and by looking
at a bigger picture and understanding the consequences for solving real-world business

PLO 8:
Student shall be able to collect and analyze data, evaluate alternatives to solve
business problem and make informed decisions.

PLO 9:
Student shall be able to demonstrate effective interpersonal skills, including the
ability to lead and to work in a team.

PLO 10:
Student shall be able to manage cultural diversity and demonstrate managerial skills
in global business context.

PLO 11:
Student shall be able to identify ethical issues in work-related situations and
demonstrate integrity, ethical and professional behavior by being objective and unbiased.

PLO 12:
Student shall be able to exchange information and ideas with individuals and groups
that share similar interests and shall be emotionally intelligent to understand, use, and
manage one’s own self and others’ emotions in a positive way.

PLO 13:
Student shall be able to develop and demonstrate entrepreneurial and business
acumen skills to support employability in area of the chosen specialization.

PLO 14:
Student shall be able to demonstrate the ability to acquire knowledge and skills,
including ‘learning how to learn’ that are necessary for participating in learning activities
throughout life, through self-paced and self-directed learning aimed at personal and
professional development.

PLO 15:
Student shall be able to understand and analyze the impact of management solutions
in societal and environmental contexts and demonstrate knowledge of and need for
sustainable development.