The Amity School of Film and Drama offers its online learning programmes through the AFSD Online Programmes. The AFSD Online Programmes offer aspirants programmes across Film Making, Acting and Drama. This online learning platform of the Amity School of Film and Drama leverages the latest technology and globally benchmarked teaching methodologies to deliver a practical knowledge oriented and immersive learning experience.

The online learning programmes that ASFD offers spans film making, acting and drama. We offer a wide range of programmes that aim to enhance your knowledge and skills in areas like Art Direction, Film Appreciation, Screen Writing, Line Production, Voice & Speech and Movement.

The AFSD online courses have been specifically designed to enable anyone to pursue world-class programmes in film, drama and related fields. Whether you are aspiring to start your career or want to move ahead in your chosen career path, with AFSD online courses you can open new doorways in film making, acting, drama and related fields. The AFSD online courses effectively tackle the three biggest challenges that aspirants face in pursuing a career in filmmaking, drama and acting. The first challenge is the inability to follow the typical fixed schedule of regular full-time classes, due to work and life schedules. The second challenge is having geographical and locational limitations, in terms of distance and time. The third challenge is not being sure of whether you are inclined and equipped to shape a lifelong career in these creative fields.

When you choose an AFSD online course you will get full control of your own learning journey. The courses have been designed as self-paced video based modules. When you proceed with a particular course, you will start with an introduction to the core subject matter. As you proceed you will gain a deeper understanding of the numerous components and aspects of the course. Since the approach is practical learning oriented, there will be numerous examples and real-life scenarios to hone your skills and deepen your understanding. The aim is to impart conceptual, theoretical and practical knowledge and skills to make you industry ready.