Bachelor of Arts (Honours) Economics

Programme Duration

3 Years






  • Secondary School or
    Academic Lyceum or
    Professional College
    (12 years of compulsory

  • Interview
    (For Uzbek Students) /
    Online Interview
    (For International

  • IELTS 6 or higher
    (equivalent TOEFL)
    * Can be exempted
    if primary
    language of qualifying
    is English

Fees per Semester

1,42,95,000‬ Uzbekistan sums

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  • Why choose this field?
  • Programme description
  • What will students learn?
  • Career opportunities

Economics is a subject at the core of the commercial world. From the way our governments and international agencies work to the way we manage our own personal resources, economics is a force that drives it all.

This programme offers a thorough understanding of Economics which will empower students to better understand the world of economic issues. Students will learn about economic analysis, economic policy formulation and its implementation. The programme also focuses on fostering analytical skills and critical thinking abilities, along with core knowledge about the subject area. All this will enable students to either find employment or utilise their skills for higher studies and research.